April Is Nearly Upon Us!

April Showers, Brings May Flowers, 
That Is What They Say, 
But If The Flowers Turned to Towers,
 You'd Make A Writer's Day

Hey all you Elysians! (Not sure why the above thing, but there you go) As our ‘Tyrant king’ Bethany has proclaimed, we will be doing fiction for the month of April! Which means, Camp NaNoWriMo!
I myself have only attempted to do it in July and November, I met my goal a few times, other times I didn’t. But this time, I’m determined to write, everyday and meet my goal.
This time my goal is different, I’m not trying to pound out as many words, plot-twists as I can, which is what I used to try and do, I’m not going to edit as I write (I used to do that...Not good). I’m not going quantity over quality, or vice versa.
I will be working on consistency, sure I’ve gotten better at it and do write more often than I used to, but all aspects of my writing can still use constant improvement. I have semi started taking break from my novels rough draft, but don’t want to drop writing all together, as I said, I still need to get better at writing, and I can’t do that if I let myself get rusty.
As I’ve mentioned in my bio, I am writing a story about a Private I. who investigates/tries to find another P.I. who is quite famous. The story is formatted in the form of letters, which are sent by our ‘hero’ P.I. (L.Finley) to the brother (Mr. Poe) of our renown yet missing P.I (Tammy Poe).
The story (letters) follow L. Finley traveling to the various locations Tammy Poe skillfully solved mysteries. I decided to write them by hand first in a specific notebook, I do usually write my stories down first, but exceptions have been made. It definitely seems more like sending a letter this way.
In a few days, I will start writing one letter a day (about 130 words), and posting them on my personal blog at various intervals (not everyday). As I’m sure I’ve said, I started writing this particular story already, and have a several up on my blog now, it’s been quite fun! I love writing letters!! Real and fictional.
Alright, I think that’s it for now! Just wanted to *pop* over and let y’all (oh, Elysian, what have you done to me? I never say ‘y’all) know what’s ahead! Looking forward to our month long topic, and the writing ahead!
(Raise your hand if you think that last sentence sounded like the end of a letter..?)

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